TC 3.3 Telematics: Control via Communication Networks, Telematics Application (TA) 2016

Preliminary Technical Program


"Predio Centenario"
Engineering School
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
Av. Osvaldo Aranha, 3072, Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil

Sunday, 06/11

16:00 Registration

Monday, 07/11

7:30-08:30 Registration
8:30-9:20 Digital Twin – Unleashing the Next-Generation Automation and Control - Arquimedes Martinez Canedo (Siemens Corporate Technology)
Chair: Ulrich Jumar (IFAK, DE)
9:20-10:40 Sessions:Cyber Physical Systems / Industrie 4.0 (1)  | Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems(1)
10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:20 Session: Cyber Physical Systems / Industrie 4.0(2)
12:20-13:00 Remote operation and optimization of industrial units - Luis Gustavo Soares Longhi and Mario Cesar Massa de Campos (Petrobras)
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 Brazilian Satellite Programs: Challenges and Achievements - Carlos Gurgel (Brazilian Space Agency-AEB)
Chair: Klaus Schilling (University Würzburg, DE)
14:40-16:00 Sessions: Satellite Applications | Telematics application to Education
16:00-16:20 Coffee break
16:20-17:40 Sessions: Industrial IoT, Networked Control

Tuesday, 08/11

8:30-9:20 Digital Healthcare in the Era of Internet of Things - Sri Krishnan (Ryerson University - CAN)
Chair: Renato Ventura Bayan Henriques (UFRGS, BR)
9:20-10:40 Session: Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living(1)
10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:20 Sessions: Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living(2) | Maintenance applications(1)
12:20-13:00 Panel Future Internet - CGI
Moderator: Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville - UFRGS and RNP Brazil
Achim Rettberg - Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. - Germany
Alecio Binotto - IBM Research Brazil
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 Connected Vehicles - Magnus Jonsson (Halmstad University)
Chair: Edison Pignaton de Freitas (UFRGS, BR)
14:40-16:00 Sessions: V2X-Communication in Vehicle Safety | Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living(3)
16:00-16:20 Coffee break
16:20-17:40 TC Meeting

Wednesday, 09/11

9:00-9:50 Cognitive Internet of Things - Luis Liguori (CTO IBM Brazil)
Chair: Carlos Eduardo Pereira (UFRGS, BR)
9:50-11:10 Sessions: Smart Cities | Wireless and industrial communication in automation(1)
11:10-11:30 Coffee-break
11:30-12:50 Sessions: Maintenance applications(2) | Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems(2)
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 Brazilian Army Command and Control Telematics Applications - Cel. Jorgito Matiuzzi Stocchero (Brazilian Army)
Chair: Walter Fetter Lages (UFRGS, BR)
14:40-16:00 Session: Wireless and industrial communication in automation(2)


Cyber Physical Systems / Industrie 4.0 (1) 
35 Quantification of the Quality Characteristics for the Calculation of Software Reliability
27 The Adaptive Management and Security System for Maintenance and Teleoperation of Industrial Robots
67 Digital Twin Data Modeling with AutomationML and a Communication Methodology for Data Exchange
30 Cooperative Remote Repair Task in an Active Production Line for Industrial Internet Telemaintenance
Cyber Physical Systems / Industrie 4.0 (2)
71 An Analysis of the Value Specification Language Applied to the Requirements Engineering Process of Embedded and Real Time Systems
41 A Platform for Cloud Robotics
21 Performance Comparison between State-Of-The-Art Point-Cloud Based Collision Detection Approaches on the CPU and GPU
50 Functionalities of Multi-Agent Systems in Programmable Logic Controllers
Maintenance applications (1)
45 Master Model for Integrating Inventory, Transport and Service Personnel Capacity Planning
91 Web-Service Interface-based IMS-SPSC Integration
79 On the Research of Linear Programming Solving Methods for Non-Hierarchical Spare Parts Supply Chain Planning
29 ARTab - Using Virtual and Augmented Reality Methods for an Improved Situation Awareness for Telemaintenance
Maintenance applications (2) 
47 Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics with Imbalanced Data Sets Based on the KDD Process
28 Introducing the Facility Asynchronous Data Analysis Tool (FADAT) to Optimize Productive Machine Cycle in Industrial Plants
17 Bilateral Teleoperation with Nonlinear Environments: Multiplier Approach
36 Extension of a Telemedicine Framework for Analysis of Industrial Machinery Data
Wireless and industrial communication in automation (1)
19 Fuzzy system for calculating the Token Rotation Time in Profibus networks
26 Influence of network parameters on the recovery time of a ring topology PROFINET network
20 A Control Engineering Approach for an Automated Coexistence Management
48 Performance Evaluation of ISA100.11a Wireless Feedback Control
Wireless and industrial communication in automation (2)
65 Improving Robustness of Robotic Networks Using Consensus and Wireless Signal Strength
59 PI-based Transmission Power Control for WirelessHART Field Devices
15 Neural Networks As a Diagnosing Tool for Industrial Level Measurement through Non-Contacting Radar Type
64 Self-Correcting Time Synchronization Support for Wireless Sensor Networks Targeting Applications on Internet of Things
Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living (1)
72 Publish-Subscribe Architecture for Delivering Assistance to Visually Impaired People
38 Multimodal System for Training at Distance in a Virtual or Augmented Reality Environment for Users of Electric-Powered Wheelchairs
88 Tracking System Proposal of Walking Sticks Aiming the Orientation and Mobility of the Visually Impaired
80 Indoor Navigation Assistant for Visually Impaired by Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Position Estimative of Correction for Patterns Recognition
Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living (2)
62 Intelligent System for Medication Management in Residential Environments
56 Assistive Robotics: Adaptive Multimodal Interaction Improving People with Communication Disorders
33 Remote Monitoring and Control of an Electric Powered Wheelchair in an Assisted Living Environment
Telematics applied to Computer Assisted Living (3)
70 Using sEMG, EOG and VOG to Control an Intelligent Environment
61 A Bipolar Disorder Monitoring System Based on Wearable Device and Smartphone
34 The “Smartstone”: using smartphones as a telehealth gateway for senior citizens
Industrial IoT
25 Proposal of Receiver Initiated MAC Protocol for WSN in Urban Environment Using IoT
44 A Cloud-Based Architecture for the Internet of Things Targeting Industrial Devices Remote Monitoring and Control
58 Strategies for Big Data Analytics through Lambda Architectures in Volatile Environments
40 Temperature Monitoring through Wireless Sensor Network Using an 802.15.4/802.11 Gateway
Telematics application to Education
31 Design and Implementation of a Remote Lab for Teaching Programming and Robotics
51 Videoconference in Education: “Mconf” and “Multipresence” Systems
75 Optimizing the Records Access in the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment Database
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (1)
53 MDE-Based Development of a Multispectral Camera for Precision Agriculture
63 Pitch and Roll control of a Quadcopter using Cascade Iterative Feedback Tuning
89 Control Platform for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (2)
69 Design and Implementation of a Control and Navigation System for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
86 A Simplified Approach to Motion Estimation in a UAV Using Two Filters
Smart Cities
46 First Step towards a Smart Grid Communication Architecture for the Brazilian Federal District
83 Using Big Data and Real-Time Analytics to Support Smart City Initiatives
39 Prediction of Sustainable Urban Mobility through Interface Web
55 Study on the Usage of UHF RFID for Passengers’ Detection in Public Intelligent Transport Systems
Satellite Applications 
43 New Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Concept for Small Satellite Formation Control Based on Mobile Robot Platforms
85 Developing and Testing Software for the 14-BISat Nanosatellite
57 Procedures for Integrating, Testing and Operating Advanced Microsatellites
37 Freshness Analysis of Functional Sequences in Launchers
Networked Control 
52 Optimal H2 Output Feedback of Sampled Systems 
54 Stability of Discrete-Time Control Systems with Uniform and Logarithmic Quantizers
84 Hoo Analysis of Linear Systems with Jumps: Applications to Sampled-Data Control
49 Method for Design and Performance Evaluation of Ad Hoc Networked Mobile Robotic Systems Using OMNET++
V2X-Communication in Vehicle Safety
24 Performance Analysis of Full-Duplex Cooperative Communication in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
22 Improved Security Performance for VANET Simulations
32 Designing the Car2X-Communication Infrastructure Based on the Internet of Things for the Curitiba Public Transport System
23 VANET Coverage Analysis for GPS Augmentation Data in Rural Area
42 SegmentedRRT* - a Probabilistic Optimal Trajectory Planner for Problematic Area Structures