TC 3.3 Telematics: Control via Communication Networks, Telematics Application (TA) 2016


Porto Alegre is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul and the biggest urban agglomeration of southern Brazil. The perfect blend of Brazilian-Portuguese and River Plate-Spanish cultures, added to a strong European heritage gives the city a unique background within Brazil. The city is one of the richest metropolis in the country, the state capital with the highest life quality and literacy rate (97%), the book capital of Brazil.

Currently, Porto Alegre is a service centered city in between the industrial part of the state (north-east) and the rural part (south). It is also called the "Mercosul Capital".

Here are some pictures so you can know the city.

Veleiros do Sul
The South Sailing

The Docks

Guaiba's Shore

Farroupilha Park

Monument of the Azorean

Metropolitan Cathedral

RS' Memorial


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